Meet Merrin Schnabel

Merrin Schnabel has always been a fashion lover and has years of experience in the world of styling. She has a background in modelling, with career highlights including walking in Melbourne Fashion Week and an array of photoshoots and TV work as well as a Social Media Influencer.

Merrin Schnabel owns and manages a styling business offering fashion styling, personal shopping and wardrobe advice.  She is also a certified personal stylist and qualified in fashion styling from the Professional Style Academy, facilitated by Cindy Newstead. When designing her pieces, Merrin’s goal is to bring to life four key ideas; happiness, freeness, mindfulness and creativity.

She works to help her clients find their own personal style so they can feel confident and beautiful when wearing her products.

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Merrin provides a friendly, professional service to help clients find their personal style. To learn more about her style counselling, visit

She has also found success and acclaim as a content creator and influencer. She has developed a successful fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand that inspires the ByMERRIN collections and other projects. Explore Merrin’s Instagram page at @merrin_schnabel.

Merrin Schnabel is also a public speaker and runs numerous events to inspire and empower people to be the best versions of themselves.

ByMERRIN's Beautiful Sarongs, Kaftans & Capes

ByMERRIN sarongs, kaftans and capes are truly versatile and can be worn at the beach, the poolside or out for the evening on your next holiday or summer adventure. Merrin wants to breathe life into her passions and her collections represent a girl chasing her dreams; happy, free, mindful and creative. Regardless of age or shape, Merrin and her team are passionate about helping clients develop confidence and achieve the very best version of themselves.

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Create The Life You Deserve

As a Life Coach, Merrin Schnabel has a passion to help people create and live their dream. Tap into the most confident version of yourself with a renewed outlook on mindset, motivation, business, and social media. She can help you to cultivate a life of deep self-love, passion, purpose and personal empowerment.